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Clients' Testimonials
I really liked the Taichi session! I thought it was even better than yoga.
If time permits, I would like to sign up for a proper course. It was good exercise :)
Ms Yvonne Yoong, Teacher
- Beatty Sec
Very interesting & though Taichi is a slow impact exercise, it very strenuous.
Ms Jeerah, Teacher
- Beatty Sec
Very enlightening and attractive. Coaches gave clear instruction and well prepared.
Mr Sin Lai Keong, Teacher
- Beatty Sec
Thank you! Great Taichi session, I enjoy so much!
Monica Loh
I had fun during the wushu program, and it was good exercise :)
Joy Fu, Student
- CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School
I had a lot of fun. You know I have never experienced something so picturetaking
There were so many moves of self-defense. Coaches are very nice. This rocks!
Harviran Singh, Student
- Northland Primary
Very interesting and a rare opportunity for me to take part. Thumbs up :)
Crystal, Student
- CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School
The main reason I keep coming for Taichi lesson is that I want to be healthy & fit.
Coach make us feel “Taichi"
Qing Wen, Student
- Hong Wen School
It is very good for beginners & the Coaches are very friendly & patient.
I want to learn more advanced Taichi.
Brian, Student
- Hong Wen School
I actually hated wushu but Coach Yip made me like wushu.
Brandon Oh, Student
- Princess Elizabeth Primary
I like learning new movements because it helps my body.
The coach is very good in Wushu, I would like to continue learning.
Jonathan, Student
- Princess Elizabeth Primary
I wish that Coach Yip will come here again to teach us and he is very friendly.
Muliati, Student
- Princess Elizabeth Primary


Students Learning Experience
Attending the Newage Taichi class is a whole new experience for me.

Under the guidance of coach Yip, Jane and Diana, I learnt that Tai Chi is a form of wushu which trains and enhances our body alignment, flexibility and energizes the flow of 气 (chi) through natural breathing. At the same time, it also trains our mind as we perform each step mindfully while preparing for a smooth transition into the next step of the movements. Having a busy work schedule and a family life to maintain, doing all these really reminds me that I have to slow down my pace of life and to take a deep breath after a long working week.

My coach, Jane, who is in-charge of training my batch, gives us step-by-step coaching which make the learning so much easier to grasp and remember. She always remind us to observe our ABCs (which stands for Alignment, Breathing and Control) and she watches and corrects each and everyone of us in our movements. Her keeness to impart her skills to us is very encouraging and accelerates my progress in learning Taichi. Thank you, Jane !

After each lesson, I will usually make an effort to practise on my own, trying to recall all the reminders given during the lessons so that I can refine my movements. I have been 8 months into my learning and coupled with the amount of foundation training given, I am beginning to have some insights of Taichi. I feel that Taichi exemplifies the inner beauty of Wushu in that it transform our energy into a gentle form of strength (柔刚)which can be applied physically for self-defence as well as build up our inner resilience. In one occasion, our main coach, Yip, gave all of us an eye opener when he demonstrated another form of Taichi and I was really impressed ! Real gonfu indeed!

Going for Taichi class every week is really an enjoyment for me. I enjoy the training even though it’s a bit of hard work, the music, the team spirit and not forgetting the extra refinement lessons that Coach Yip conducts for us. I wish I had started when I was younger, but better late than never. I hope more people will try it out and change their misconceptions that Tai Chi is only meant for senior citizens. When I see our young team members , some of primary school level, teenagers, young man and woman, in my heart, I say to them, how lucky you are to come in contact with Tai chi in your early years, you are sure to reap from it ! 加油!and don’t forget (to all), 膝盖不过脚尖,they know what I mean!

Doris Chng
Tai Chi has been very beneficial to me and my family. We have noticeable changes in our posture from a substantial posture to one that is both confident and upright but yet natural at the same time. Tai chi has also taught us the importance of moving or doing actions correctly to prevent joint or muscle injuries such as squatting.

Our coach, Coach Yip is a extremely experienced and wonderful teacher. He is very patient with my family and I. One would think that he would be a little impatient with our slow learning pace. This is not the case. He is always willing to re-teach what we have covered before and always makes the lesson interesting even though the information is the same.

Coach Yip’s dedication and enthusiasm for Tai Chi is contagious. He is also very knowledgeable, able to clarify our doubts and help us to progress. I hope more people would benefit from his knowledge in the art of Tai Chi.

I have also experience Deep tissue sport massage by Mr Yip to reduce frozen shoulder ailments. Mr Yip skills addresses the core trouble areas.

Gregory Chan - Student
(Personal Coaching)
I found NewAge Taichi’s website on the internet by myself as I was seeking for some form of exercise that might improve my blood circulation and backache. I’ve been with Ms. Diana Ng for almost half a year and I am glad to have her as my coach. Her instruction is easy to follow even though I am not a fast learner. Her explanation for the moves is very much relevant to our daily routines that help me to understand better. After a couple of months having concentrated on the very first basic technical moves, now I am enjoying more and more the lessons.
Huyen Dupasquier
(Personal Coaching)
I needed to improve my health before going to work overseas as my hectic work life and not healthy eating work necessities has deteriorated my health. Hence, I have approached NewAge Taichi for private Taichi lesson after reading in the papers and website.

Coach Diana understood my health condition after the 1st interview session and she tailored numerous stretching and strengthening exercises to improve my muscles groups to combat knee joints discomforts and stiff shoulders. She has also taught me how to walk and climb stairs using the correct muscles group which reduces the knee joint discomforts.

Her detailed instructions and explanation (in English) during the Dou Yin Shou and Taichi 8 Steps lessons were Very precise in getting me to appreciate the correct techniques for the exercises.

I have also experience Deep tissue sport massage by Mr Yip to reduce frozen shoulder ailments. Mr Yip skills addresses the core trouble areas.

Ian Lee - Civil Servant
(Personal Coaching)
I wanted to take up Tai Chi as a form of exercise as well as this should be able to continue in old age too. To my surprise, Tai Chi is not as easy as I thought and this require both physical and mental strength.

Physical strength in some areas of the muscles which I have never get to use and mental strength "the can do attitude".

Even though the course is considered expensive when I speak to my friends, I personally feel that it is worth it as I considered this is an developing course for both me and my family.

Diana is a very friendly and personalised coach and she can observe the needs and change her strategy to suits our needs. She is also attentive to our children, in event where they feel bored, she can do an activity and get them engaged again.

Josephine Lye - Supply Chain Manager
(Personal Coaching - Family of 4)
Initially, I thought that Tai Chi is only a simple exercise meant for old age. But I decided to give it a try together with my family under the personal guidance of Coach Diana. My objective is to enhance the family bonding through healthy lifestyle.

Soon, we learnt that Tai Chi is not as simple as we have thought. It not only helps to strengthen our body muscle, it could also help to correct our posture problem and can be used in our daily activities.

Coach Diana also introduces us with some other stretching exercise to firm up our muscles and body condition to prepare for the on-going Tai Chi training as it progress.

Most important of all, Coach Diana has a great capability of of inspiring us with her interesting and fun way of teaching Tai Chi lesson without compromising her strict expectation from us.

My children might have sometimes felt very tired after learning Tai Chi but they love the way Coach Diana coaches them. They are so excited with the new challenges and new skill learnt that they are always looking forward to for the next lesson to come by.

My wife also compliment that the training has helped to ease her frequent body ache. The lesson has not only help to enhance my family bonding, it helps to train everyone in the family to be fit physically too. We were glad that we have picked up the right choice for learning Tai Chi together.

Teng Wee Kian - Maintenance Planner
(Personal Coaching - Family of 4)
I had always wanted to learn Tai Chi for a long time. But it always did not realize. Finally I had determined to set aside a time to seriously consider looking for one personal Tai Chi coach from whom I will be able to learn Tai Chi more effectively and with proper guidance. I came across NewAge Taichi from the Internet, and from here I got in touch with Ms Jane Tan. I started my 1st lesson under Coach Jane in March 2010.

I had several weeks of (weekly) lesson on Dao Yin Shu. I slowly came to realize that all movements which I picked up from Dao Yin Shu had eventually paved a foundation that lead to my smooth progress in picking up 18 style Tai Chi.

Upon completion of my learning on all the movements in 18 style Tai Chi, I had always puzzled on how all these movements can be of beneficial to our overall well being. I always have fruitful sharing sessions with Coach Jane as she gives insightful advice. She understands my desire to learn more in-depth in Tai Chi with refine movements.

Coach Jane has taught skillfully on every movement together with the breathing control and also on refinement of my body posture. Her explanations help to reinforce my whole learning process in a different perspective, which makes the lessons interesting.

My family members also noticed that after picking up Tai Chi, I have become more relaxed and not so tense like I used to. I always try to put conscious effort to correct my body posture. As Coach Jane had rightly pointed out to me (i.e. to tuck-in my chin) during our very first lesson.

Tai Chi has really motivated me to put in efforts to develop and cultivate mind and body as an exercise routine which I know will yield health benefits if practice diligently and correctly. I am also very grateful to have the guidance of a wonderful coach who has the passion and patience to teach and correct my every Tai Chi movements. Thank you, Jane!

Josephine Foo - Systems Analyst
(Personal Coaching)
I highly recommend NewAge Taichi to anyone interested not only in Tai Chi, but also in general physical fitness for a healthier life style. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, approachable and make lifelong fitness training fun and enjoyable. They are very professional, reliable and easy to work with.

I am taking one-on-one personal training and Tai chi lessons from Coach Diana. She takes the time to understand what I am interested in and looking for and comes up with the appropriate exercises and workout for each session. I like the fact that she explains the meaning and purpose of each Tai chi move as well as the purpose and background (physiologically and scientifically) for the various exercises and circuits we practice. It’s a great teaching method and helps bring things full circle. She is also quite detailed oriented and vigilant on teaching proper technique. This ensures each move and exercise is done properly and safely so as to prevent accidents and injury

Coach Diana is very patient, flexible, and can even make the most strenuous exercises fun. I look forward to our sessions together and really enjoy learning the Yang Style 24 forms Tai chi from such a talented and accomplished expert and master.

Yolanda - Marketing Consultant
(Personal Coaching)
I have learnt many things and lessons from Coach Diana. I have learnt the different stretching, strengthening exercises and Dao Yin Shu in which have help me in many areas. The exercises had also eased the pain at my ankle/foot area and strengthen my legs.

Through the trainings, I have also learnt to relax and built confidence. My sleeps have also improved. I have also learnt how to manage and understand my health and body. The trainings had also helped me to understand my other sports training better.

Coach Diana is very friendly, patient, caring and encouraging. It was a good experience learning with her. And I have enjoyed all the trainings with her. Thank You for sharing, guiding and coaching me.

Shirley Ang
(Personal Coaching)
Many years ago, I started Tai Chi because my friend asked me to accompany her. However, after 6 months of learning 16 steps of the 24 steps Tai Chi, I stopped because my knees hurt.

Then last December I chanced upon a female coach leading a class. As I stood there watching, I was impressed by her emphasis on the proper stance so as not to injure the body and joints. It was through Coach Diana that I get to know NewAgeTaichi. I am now learning Tai Chi from them and loving every moment.

Tai Chi looks slow, easy and non-strenuous but it is not. The very fact that it is slow means it demands more control, balance and strength from ones body. It also taught me to be more focus mentally. This is especially good for me as I am stress with work; my life is pulled in many directions and lack focus. I owe this to my three wonderful coaches – Coach Yip, Coach Diana and Coach Jane. I truly appreciate Coach Yip for intermittently introducing variety to our classes, one of which is teaching us how to learn to relax. In fact, Coach Yip is ever so willing to share his knowledge that he gives us extra practice session on Sunday morning whenever he is able to.

I also love that I can approach the two lovely, knowledgeable, friendly Coach Diana and Coach Jane whenever I have problems or questions. And I just love to see these coaches perform. They made Tai Chi look like poetry in motion. It is so inspiring. It makes me to want to learn more and master Tai Chi

Judy Chan - Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Senior Executive
Kicking techniques, free style combat, Wushu techniques and routines such as Wu Bu Quan and Long Fist are today part of my life. For this I wish to thank Coach Yip See Kit who made it all possible.

First of all I found motivational support as it was not easy to integrate Wushu learning in my already heavy agenda but New Age Taichi showed great flexibility and Coach helped me understand that martial arts where beyond sports and combat: they are a way to improve one’s live. Indeed!

Equally I discovered that martial arts need not to be taught through pain and hardship but rather are to be taught in full respect with each individual’s capacity. New Age Taichi tailored my individual classes to adapt to my body and age and build comfort; of course the impact is immediate as my motivation is always peaking.

If Wushu is a martial art then it has to be understood that it is an art of war. It is about fighting and equally it is about art. The art of a well delivered routine, a flawless execution or simply one well delivered kick or hit. The efficiency comes from this simplicity and the reward is the understanding of this.

Wushu is more than fancy moves and demonstrations; it is a journey towards internal and external equilibrium. The external one is necessary to perform but the internal one is vital to command and control it.

Some classes are pure free style combat (with the necessary protections!) while some classes are about the art of Wushu and the refinement of various techniques. The blend of all of this gives me the broadest understanding of what Wuchu really is about and more than anything it is a fantastic journey inner and outer journey.

Looking forward to next class!

Olivier, Businessman
(Personal Coaching)
I thank my company in organizing this talk – Tai Chi Quan – that can bring health and fitness to young generation nowadays.

Before this talk, my impression of Tai Chi exercise is meant for old age, for its slowness of exercise and the groups of participants are usually the old ones. I could not accept myself to be with this age group and therefore, not even think of joining.

But after the talk and slide show conducted by NewAgeTaichi, I am impressed. I do not know much of Tai Chi Quan, but the smoothness of strokes performed by Coach Yip and Coach Diana accompanied with the pleasant music, captures my mind, my heart, at that moment, I told myself – this is the exercise I can learn to keep myself fit, I can exercise anywhere, anytime, that’s it! No space constraint, no time constraint!

I am glad that Tai Chi lessons were conducted at my company premise, enabling me – a busy working mum – to grab this chance to sign up for the exercise. Thankfulness to NewAgeTaichi that I no longer find it a boring forms of exercise. Our Coach Yip has also made an effort to ensure his students understand and gain from his lesson, and even made the lesson interesting.

NewAgeTaichi Learning has come at the right time to aid my backache and knee problem that disable me to do strenuous exercise, esp for a used-to-be athletic person. Now, I am more aware of the correct posture to stand, to stretch and to carry my weight without stressing my knee!

Thank you Coach Yip and Coach Diana unselfishness to share their knowledge, I have passed some of the knowledge to my 12 year old son and my 10 year old daughter. Even my youngest daughter of 5 years old, who sometimes watches me while waiting for me, also knows Tai Chi is good for mummy!

Tai Chi – with the basic steps and 18 steps I have learnt so far – is definitely one form of exercise I can do it now, anywhere, anytime, even without music!

I thank you very much, NewAgeTaichi and not forgetting our Coach Yip and Coach Diana.

Katherine Ng - Creative, (AVP Management)
“Tai Chi” has always projected an image of this is for “old folks”. However, this really makes me know Tai Chi in another new angle when NewAgeTaichi was introduced to me. I always wanted to learn Tai Chi, but thought will do so when I retire or older. But, this is not true, I should start now. I find Tai Chi a very gracious and gentle way to tone up your body and promote healthy lifestyle.

And, I thought coaches for Tai Chi must be an old man. Again, I am wrong! Ha Ha! Coach Yip is a very polite and humorous coach. He makes every lesson relax and fun. The best is he could explain the steps in English which really helps me understand better and easier. His sense of humor makes lesson easier to understand and fun.

Fun and relax does not mean our coach is not strict. I definitely will recommend NewAgeTaichi to my family, sincerely.

Jessy Chua - Creative, (Reception Supervisor)
After years of working behind the desk & clicking the mouse, I've discovered my body joints are getting stiff. This could be caused by years of inactivity. Fortunately, I enjoyed walking & joined a practicing Qigong group.

Recently, I was introduced to Tai Chi - 24 Simplified Steps. Since started my 1st lesson with Coach Jane Tan, I enjoyed practicing in a class of ten and had not looked back. I've yet to fully master all the steps but keenly looking forward to each new lesson.

The Tai Chi 20 lessons had taught me correct postures, body balance, body & mind coordination & movement. At the end of each 1.5 hours lesson, I thought I had not used much energy but I was perspiring! In short, I've learnt how to relax & enjoyed a good sleep after each lesson.

I think practicing Tai Chi require patience & constant practice. As a total beginner, I've already benefitted from it. I strongly recommend it to friends of all ages.

Thank You Coach Jane Tan, my Tai Chi Instructor

Belinda Mok - Ex-Officer
It's been an enjoyable journey. I had some curiosity about Tai Chi and decided to take up a few months ago. I learned a lot about balance and posture which could apply to my other interest like running and squash. Simple as it looked, it demands discipline of the mind & body.

But it was fun learning it because both my coaches, Coach Yip and Coach Diana are very patient and fun loving. They are also very helpful to answer any questions and guide us along. All in all, I learned a lot and enjoyed every bit along the way.

Chow Kah Wai - Creative, Engineer
I throughly enjoyed my Tai Chi learning experience. It may be slow in the beginning but the movements are good and engaging and combined with aerobics, it can be strenuous and at the same time enjoying.
Tan Geok See, Senior Marketing Manager
Times Publishing (Tai Chi Aerobic Class)
Initially, the first lessons were on basic steps which I found it slow but towards the last 2 lessons when more movements are combined forming the fast speed of rhythm, I find it more fun.
Evelyn, Executive Assistant
Times Publishing (Tai Chi Aerobic Class)
First I would like to say thanks to all my Tai Chi coaches and members. As a martial arts student, I say Tai Chi gives both mental and physical activities. When practicing other martial arts, will always feel so tired at the end of the practice, but after Tai Chi practice will get freshness and relaxation. Because it leads to secrete of some hormones naturally when practiced Tai Chi. (I say this as a Science student) Tai Chi is a natural energy booster. Start Tai Chi learning if you want to be living with young, joint today.
Periyaial Raja - Computer Operator
Hi, generally I feel that I benefitted quite a lot from the Tai Chi class. I realized that my immune system is stronger and I do not feel as lethargic as before. I am able to sleep well and eat well as compared to the last time when I have not learnt Tai Chi. My wife and I are very appreciative that the coaches are willing to give us extra coaching lessons on Sunday even though they are so busy themselves. Thanks a lot and keep up with the good work. I will continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle by learning Tai Chi
Chew Peng Boon
Before I started learning Tai Chi, I have always watched interestingly at people practicing or performing the routine. It seems easy to me. However after I started learning, I realized that it is not simple. There are many finer details during each transition forms in a routine. Even a simple “horse stance” is not easy to master.

Initially as a beginner, I would often miss out the finer steps and encounter difficulty in synchronizing the hands and legs movement. Even with constant practice, the finer details may be missed out at times. It is also difficult to provide a strong base of support for the leg posture especially in executing the “kick”, I always feel out of balance and unable to kick straight and high. However, with the coaches constant coaching, I hope to overcome this setback. As the saying goes “Practice Makes Perfect”, I have put in extra effort in the practices to achieve the ultimate goal.

In the “Kung Fu Fan”, it is also a challenge to learn and “hold” the fan and execute it properly. When we advanced further to other Tai Chi routines with excessive movements, it will be a challenge to remember all the routines without constant practice.

The rhythmic breathing during a Tai Chi routine helps to soothe the mind and reduce stress levels. Learning Tai Chi helps to improve posture alignment so that we can attain better balance and stability. It also provides an opportunity to meet more friends and share learning experience.

The sharing of information by Coach Yip has definitely enhanced our knowledge. The explanation on the concept behind each Tai Chi movement helps us to understand and familiarize with the movements better.

The various performances we were involved has enabled me to overcome “stage anxiety” and also have an in-sight on other forms of Tai Chi.

The extra coaching is definitely beneficial to us as it provides the opportunity for us to have more practices.

Tan Suan - Jobquest, Personnel Consultant.
My initial thought of taking up Tai Chi is to improve my blood circulation. After that I feel it has a lot more benefits. Coach Yip brings a very lively way of teaching experience to us. I had lots of fun and hope to further improve and refine my strokes. Thanks a lot for the dedicated time and effort in teaching us. I understand a lot more about Tai Chi that every stroke has a reason behind.
Lay Yi Ping - Creative, Graphic Designer.
I find this Tai Chi lessons given me a different experience of “Tai Chi” movements. I have learnt a lot from Coach Yip and Coach Diana relating to different strokes especially on how to make use of the stroked for self-defense. Initially, I find it is hard for me to catch up but slowly, I’m learning quite okay now because of good coaching. It would be great if we are able to learn more about developing breathing energy, more defensive and neutralizing skills of Tai Chi. I hope I can learn more interesting Tai Chi, eg, using physical forms focus on how the energy of a strike (palm strike or pushing hands) affects the other person/component. It will be great to maximize my health and how to use it as martial arts for striking and defense.
Serene Chong - Creative, Senior Legal Assistant.
Long established in ancient China as a martial art, Tai Chi is practiced in modern times primarily as a gentle form of exercise suitable for kids to senior citizens. It promotes calmness and inner strength. While movements are slow, continuous and without strain, attention to correct body posture is critical, proper breathing technique is also equally important.

We started off with the Day Yin Shu which serves as a good foundation and basic for subsequent 18 Style Tai Chi lessons. Besides teaching us the basic movements, Coach Yip emphasizes a lot on the alignment of correct posture and position as wrong postures and alignments may cause more harm than good to the body joints. Balancing techniques between transitions as well as the breathing mechanisms are also taught during the practice sessions. Co-ordination of all these techniques is not an easy task as it takes time and many practice sessions to perfect it. Once we acquire the skills, the stroke movements become very smooth and natural and we start to feel calmness and relaxation of practicing Tai Chi.

During the lessons, we were also taught the origins of some of the movements; it helps us to remember and get the posture correctly. On the other hand, Coach Yip also explains some of the Sports Science behind the movements and postures. He also highlighted some balance techniques to reduce the risk of falling. Moving forward, we hope we can learn other Tai Chi styles. Tai Chi is a life long exercise to keep a healthy and active lifestyle.

Foo Young Aun - Creative, Development Manager
This is a whole new experience of sports to me. Suits me quite well because I’m not able to do extreme exercise/workout that puts a lot of stress on the body and muscle. Yet I can feel my breathing and blood circulation. Once a while I tend to follow very closely to the coaches and neglect either my legs/hands posture. Coaches’ motion are slow but yet sometimes I manage to notice legs, I missed his hands movements and vice versa. Overall, both Coach Yip and Coach Diana are really good and I’m happy learning it. If anyone thinks that Tai Chi is only for old folks, I can ensure you “Your thinking is totally wrong”
Jason Mah – Creative, FAE Engineer
I have been interested in Tai Chi since long time ago, but never decided to learn and stay committed. I used to see Tai Chi like a beautiful dance and don’t have any other useful benefits. Yes, I often heard from people practicing Tai Chi about the benefits but I haven’t really believed in them. Not until I began practicing meditation when I realized that Tai Chi is a kind of mediation practice too in essence. Coach Yip is an excellent instructor. He is very clear and precise about the movement. With him, learning Tai Chi is fun, because you do not only know how to move but also how to move correctly with a reason. I had an “Aha” experience as he explained about the Tai Chi weight transfer concept.
Robill Tian Supatrio – Creative, Software Engineer
From the Tai Chi lesson, I had started a weekly exercise regime to improve my fitness. This Tai Chi had taught me on discipline, learning to relax and build up my physique. Now my bones and muscles are more relax and not so tense up. The various movements have loosened my joint. It could be one of the contributing factors to improve on my bone mass density when I go for my two yearly checkups. One of the readings has turn positive from negative. Both Coach Yip and Coach Diana are very friendly and helpful. They are very well-versed with all the movements and corrected me whenever I made a wrong move or step.
Ng Thin Kong – Creative, Engineer
I decided to enroll in Tai Chi for Osteoporosis when I saw the notice at the Community Center. Being a retiree, I was curious about how Tai Chi plays a role in the prevention or therapy for this common old age illness.

The course was very educational and Coach Jane was also very friendly. She inculcated the importance of not placing unnecessary stress on our joints, and taught us various techniques using muscles to aid our movements eg, proper standing up technique from sitting position.

During the course, Coach Jane pointed out that the focus of the course is to use the Tai Chi techniques as an exercise, and not to get too caught up with the correct breathing methods of Tai Chi.

After the course, I became more mindful about my movements, especially when climbing stairs. I also have better sense of balance, which I noticed while taking public transport like bus, MRT etc.

Thanks to Coach Jane, I have better understanding of osteoporosis, the effects of my movements on joints, and the importance of regular practice even after the course has ended. Also, my wife and I are looking forward to the next course on Tai Chi for Arthritis

Goh Meng Tat - Retiree
I am glad that I joined the Tai Chi for Osteoporosis class at Chua Chu Kang CC. Coach Jane is very patient with us. She would repeat the movements step by step if we find it difficulty in following. Coach Jane also shares other health tips with us. Although I still could not master the Tai Chi steps very well, I always look forward to attending the class and hope that with practices, I would be able to master it one day. After attending this class, I’m also more conscious about my posture and my way of walking. Thank you Coach Jane for the wonderful experience.
Yoke Kheng - Housewife
I would like to thank Coach Jane for her patience with us. I am one of the many that has contact with Tai Chi for the 1st time. Other day, when I came across others practicing Tai Chi, I would stop and watch, but other frightens me away to try and learn as there are too many steps to follow. After I joined Coach Jane’s Tai Chi class, she demonstrated her elegant skills, which I love very much. I always look forward to attending her class.
Margaret Yew
我参加骨质疏松症太极,在这项运动注意到骨质疏松症的重要性. 骨质疏松症会影响我们的日常生活能力,也会导致其他病发症.

在这项运动里,陈美珠教练友善诚恳的指导下学习太极拳招势,正确姿势如走路,坐立.我平时都有多加练习, 现在我的肌肉比较结实, 腿也比较有力了. 谢谢您,陈教练.

Lee Yoke Cheng