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Clients' Testimonials
I really liked the Taichi session! I thought it was even better than yoga.
If time permits, I would like to sign up for a proper course. It was good exercise :)
Ms Yvonne Yoong, Teacher
- Beatty Sec
Very interesting & though Taichi is a slow impact exercise, it very strenuous.
Ms Jeerah, Teacher
- Beatty Sec
Very enlightening and attractive. Coaches gave clear instruction and well prepared.
Mr Sin Lai Keong, Teacher
- Beatty Sec
Thank you! Great Taichi session, I enjoy so much!
Monica Loh
I had fun during the wushu program, and it was good exercise :)
Joy Fu, Student
- CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School
I had a lot of fun. You know I have never experienced something so picturetaking
There were so many moves of self-defense. Coaches are very nice. This rocks!
Harviran Singh, Student
- Northland Primary
Very interesting and a rare opportunity for me to take part. Thumbs up :)
Crystal, Student
- CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School
The main reason I keep coming for Taichi lesson is that I want to be healthy & fit.
Coach make us feel “Taichi"
Qing Wen, Student
- Hong Wen School
It is very good for beginners & the Coaches are very friendly & patient.
I want to learn more advanced Taichi.
Brian, Student
- Hong Wen School
I actually hated wushu but Coach Yip made me like wushu.
Brandon Oh, Student
- Princess Elizabeth Primary
I like learning new movements because it helps my body.
The coach is very good in Wushu, I would like to continue learning.
Jonathan, Student
- Princess Elizabeth Primary
I wish that Coach Yip will come here again to teach us and he is very friendly.
Muliati, Student
- Princess Elizabeth Primary


Yip See Kit, Senior Coach of NewAgeTaichi, Copyright 2009
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While we celebrate our Nation 44th Birthday this year, I have come up with a list of 44 ways which we can all do to celebrate together by making positive changes & improving our lives, whether it is for you or for your family members using InnerTalk® Subconscious Learning Programs.

  1. Accelerated Healing and Well Being - Nothing parallels the healing power of your mind. This programme will unleash the forces with powerful messages and deep relaxation. Eliminate illness as well as maintain health and vitality.
  2. Accelerated Learning & Study - You will not believe the speed and ease with which learning occurs when this program is used to fuel the powers of your mind. It is appropriate for persons of any age and for mastering any subject.
  3. ADHD - One of our best-selling programs! (ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) This recording was evaluated in a double blind study and found to have beneficial results. The data from the study suggests that cognitive therapy through inner-talk persuasion reduces ADHD symptomology while enhancing learning and relationship experiences.
  4. Attracting the Right Love Relationship - Is there a perfect love relationship for you? Do you long for the "right" one? This product will help you prepare yourself to find this relationship.

  1. Coherent Emotion - There is much a buzz today about the positive influence of coherent body states. Clinics are teaching coherent heart and brain wave states through sophisticated bio-feedback means. Software is being written for home use and neuro-feedback devices are beginning to feature the advantages of brain/body coherence. Many optimal states are reported as accompanying this coherent heart/brain state called simply emotional coherence. This CD is designed to assist you in experiencing this state for yourself. Whether you are a clinician training individuals, or you are inexperienced and just curious, this CD could help you.
  2. Comfortable Pregnancy - A programme designed to increase the comfort of women through pregnancy through the reinforcement of the joyful elements of creating new life. Bringing new life into the world is a joyful honour.
  3. Confidence with the Opposite Sex - This programme is aimed at those who lack the confidence to enjoy a new companion. Address those self-limiting beliefs that interfere with our ability to relate, especially to those of the opposite sex.
  4. Ending Procrastination - You have put if off long enough. Stop what you are doing right now and order this product! This program was demonstrated effective in a clinical study. Look forward to completion and accomplishment. Enjoy a sense of pride instead of making excuses.
  5. Energetic - Imagine living each day with abundant vitality and enthusiasm. Listening to this programme will give you energy to spare for all the work, sports and social activities you would like to have in your life.
  6. Enhancing Fertility - This programme was designed with a Medical Doctor for those women who wish to naturally conceive but are fearful of their ability to do so. It is designed to assist in creating the thought patterns and expectations that are conducive to a relaxed natural conception.
  7. Especially for Young Children - Have you ever wondered what a person could do if they were raised to believe that they could become the next genius, the next great painter, the next Nobel Prize winner, and so forth. Giving children the self belief that arms them with such confidence is what this program is designed to do.
  8. Excel in Exams – For some people, no matter how much they study or how well they know a subject, the stress of exams produces anxiety and even mental shutdown. This programme will remove these mental blocks and relieve your anxiety so that you can access your store of knowledge easily.
  9. Freedom from Back Pain - Pain is often identified as a cycle attenuated with fear. That is, we feel the pain, expect it to worsen, it worsens, we therefore expect it to grow even more severe, it does, and so forth. In part, this is both a self fulfilling prophecy and the result of the tightness and tension we bring to the effected area. Pain is a signal. It can be managed. When one is relaxed and calm, out of the pain cycle, both healing and pain management is facilitated.
  10. Freedom From Dental Anxiety - Studies have shown that a visit to the dentist is one of the most feared of all experiences. Yet it does not have to be this way. "I am thankful for dentists. I am grateful for my health. I care for myself. I am thankful care is available," etc.
  11. Freedom from Headaches - Soothing music embedded with affirmative messages relieves the tension and anxiety that cause your headaches. Your mind and body are mobilized to free you of pain.
  12. Freedom from Junk Food - Impulsive and addictive behaviors are rooted in your subconscious. Change the way you think and you can change the way you live. This program will help you end your craving for junk food and achieve your health and weight goals.
  13. Freedom from Stress - In today's fast-paced life, it is vital to release tension before it affects your health and behavior. Research shows that as much as 80% of all illness is stress-related. Relieve stress and achieve a state of calm and well-being.
  14. Genius Power - Release the genius within you. Science used to believe that I.Q. was fixed. Today, we know better.
  15. Hair Loss - Not all hair loss is hereditary or genetic. Stress, poor nutrition and anxiety often contribute to this disorder.
  16. Just for Newborns - Science is now proving that newborn infants, though unable to communicate in words, have some understanding of language. Used in many hospital newborn facilities.
  17. Joy of Exercise and Being Fit - This programme helps you break down the walls of resistance and experience the pleasure and satisfaction of exercise and better health.

  1. Living Healthy Through Menopause - Living with the changes menopause brings is more than challenging for many. Apprehension, fear, uncontrollable sweats, irritability, and much more are common problems associated with menopause. Menopause may be natural but how it impacts a woman in both its outward symptoms and the adjustments of attitude, feeling of loss, embarrassment and more, can be mitigated. Now you too can learn to employ the mind/body connection to live healthily through menopause utilising this special programme.
  2. Lowered Blood Pressure - This programme is designed to achieve a lasting state of inner-calm and complete relaxation, leaving behind the unhealthy tension and stress which is associated with high blood pressure.
  3. Millionaire Orbit - Are you ready? You can't create it until you think you can. The universe does not discriminate in providing abundance. Only your self-limiting beliefs hold you back from that which you truly desire. You are worthy. Your wealth does not limit the supply of abundance available for any other being. Go for it! There is enough for all.
  4. Natural Breast Enlargement - Many professionals now believe that there can be a number of psychological reasons leading to the arrest of normal breast development. Further, a lot of research has demonstrated the effectiveness of techniques employing suggestion, such as hypnosis, for natural breast enlargement. Suggestions and affirmations, such as "I love my breasts, I sense blood flow warming my breasts, my body is miraculous, I am beautiful, I love my body," and so forth. As difficult as it may seem to some, the mind does exercise an influence even over breast development. This is what one of our customers said, "I was somewhat skeptical of the CD’s power to make physical changes. The proof is undeniable.
  5. Natural Pain Relief - This programme will interrupt the pain cycle and alter your attitude towards the pain signals, minimising discomfort and bringing extended relief. Many users of this programme have been able to replace or reduce their pain medication with this natural alternative.
  6. PMS Relief - You needn't suffer a monthly barrage of emotional and physical upsets. The body and emotions respond to your positive thoughts.
  7. Positive Parenting - A programme for parents who want to offer their child the best parenting. This programme will help you become aware of words that will help you develop the positive actions that nurture happy, healthy children.
  8. Powerful Immune System – The mind/body connection is well-established in scientific literature. Now you can use your mind to bolster your immune system and mobilize your body's own natural defenses.
  9. Powerful Memory – Both short and long-term memory power is critical to mastering new subjects in the work-place, in school and in everyday life. Everyone's memory power can be enhanced and this tape will prove it to you.
  10. Powerful Salesperson - Selling yourself! Selling yourself is a required skill no matter what your vocation. Selling is natural and easy. Build the confidence and acquire the skills to be the best salesperson without 'high-pressure' and other tasteless techniques. If you are seeking advancement, managing people, selling a product already, or just entering sales and management, we guarantee that you will benefit from this compact disc.
  11. Relaxation - Take a mini-vacation from the day's tensions. You'll feel a sense of calm and peace, refreshed and renewed. If you have trouble sleeping, play this program at bedtime or throughout the night.
  12. Respect and Good Manners - Parents have reported witnessing the almost immediate effect of this program. Proper respect and good manners are always appropriate and beneficial. Indeed, respect and good manners can give your child a head start while adding balance to your own home and relationships.
  13. Safe Driving - - This programme is designed for use while you drive and for young drivers. Be alert, drive defensively, be aware of peripheral information, and drive safe.
  14. Serenity - Imagine remaining in a state of calm repose, unruffled quietude, clear and free of unpleasantness. This is the state of being serene. Serenity has been sought by the mystics as a path of enlightenment. It is often sought by all for no more reason that the quality of the experience.
  15. Sleep Soundly - With this programme, you will no longer suffer sleepless nights and that fatigued feeling that follows the next day. Use this programme during daytime rest periods, at bedtime or through the night. You will enjoy deep, restful sleep. Caution: Do not use while driving or operating machinery.
  16. Soaring Self Esteem - This CD is considered to be the single most important step to building a happy and whole life. Positive feelings of self worth can empower you to succeed in all that you do and reap the rewards of satisfaction and fulfillment. Use this program and watch the transformation.
  17. Stop Smoking - Powerful cigarette aversion messages delivered subconsciously. Combined with positive esteem messages, address your feelings and attitudes towards smoking that combine to make cigarettes unappealing to you. This programme makes it possible and easy to stop smoking permanently.

  1. Stress in School - Stress in school can lead to poor grades, low self esteem, dropout and more. Since school is such an important part of daily life, this tape can help you to overcome the stress. This tape is appropriate for all grade levels. This tape aims at guiding children away from wrong groups and gangs, etc. Even small children feel the stress of school, peer pressure and expectations from home.
  2. Successful Children - The subconscious beliefs children have about themselves will shape their futures. This program will help you to help your children attract positive experiences, achievement and satisfaction.
  3. Success & Prosperity - What's holding you back from realizing success and the rewards of your efforts? The negative programming locked in one's subconscious can be overcome. This programme will rescript your beliefs and opens the door to the unlimited abundance you deserve.
  4. Using Both Halves of the Brain - When the artistic and the linear work in tandem, genius arrives. Albert Einstein reported that he imagined (visualized) the curvature of space. His spacial abilities integrated with his logical, linear abilities and the rest is history writing itself still today.
  5. Walking for Health - How many times have you heard the virtues of walking extolled? Such a simple and easy exercise can literally add vitality, youthful appearance; strengthen the cardiovascular and much more. Get the motivation together and find the desire to walk regularly for health just a natural part of who you are. Enjoy all the benefits today. Listen to this program before you walk and while you walk and watch just how much better you feel.
  6. Weight Loss Now - In a scientific study in Germany, overweight women averaged a 13 pound weight loss in 30 days without dieting or exercise. The programme re-scripts your subconscious attitudes about your self worth. You will find yourself following through on all your health commitments.

All these are now possible with InnerTalk® Subconscious Learning Programs. Powerful Subconscious Learning Programs that make a positive change to your life! For free consultation or appointment, kindly call: +65 9138 4451 / +65 97316687


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