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Clients' Testimonials
I really liked the Taichi session! I thought it was even better than yoga.
If time permits, I would like to sign up for a proper course. It was good exercise :)
Ms Yvonne Yoong, Teacher
- Beatty Sec
Very interesting & though Taichi is a slow impact exercise, it very strenuous.
Ms Jeerah, Teacher
- Beatty Sec
Very enlightening and attractive. Coaches gave clear instruction and well prepared.
Mr Sin Lai Keong, Teacher
- Beatty Sec
Thank you! Great Taichi session, I enjoy so much!
Monica Loh
I had fun during the wushu program, and it was good exercise :)
Joy Fu, Student
- CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School
I had a lot of fun. You know I have never experienced something so picturetaking
There were so many moves of self-defense. Coaches are very nice. This rocks!
Harviran Singh, Student
- Northland Primary
Very interesting and a rare opportunity for me to take part. Thumbs up :)
Crystal, Student
- CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School
The main reason I keep coming for Taichi lesson is that I want to be healthy & fit.
Coach make us feel “Taichi"
Qing Wen, Student
- Hong Wen School
It is very good for beginners & the Coaches are very friendly & patient.
I want to learn more advanced Taichi.
Brian, Student
- Hong Wen School
I actually hated wushu but Coach Yip made me like wushu.
Brandon Oh, Student
- Princess Elizabeth Primary
I like learning new movements because it helps my body.
The coach is very good in Wushu, I would like to continue learning.
Jonathan, Student
- Princess Elizabeth Primary
I wish that Coach Yip will come here again to teach us and he is very friendly.
Muliati, Student
- Princess Elizabeth Primary


Bukit Batok Secondary
Kickboxing Tai Chi Combo Workout

Bukit Batok Sec Wushu Kickboxing Tai Chi workout - Class 2E1
Class 2E1

Bukit Batok Sec Wushu Kickboxing Tai Chi workout - Class 2E2
Class 2E2

Bukit Batok Sec Wushu Kickboxing Tai Chi workout - Class 2E3
Class 2E3

Bukit Batok Sec Wushu Kickboxing Tai Chi workout - Class 2E4
Class 2E4

Bukit Batok Sec Wushu Kickboxing Tai Chi workout - Class 2N1
Class 2N1

Bukit Batok Sec Wushu Kickboxing Tai Chi workout - Class 2N2
Class 2N2

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At first because I do not know what wushu is, so I thought that is boring and it is only for guys. But after learning wushu for 4 lessons, it changes my view to wushu. And I have learn many new things like the differents kinds of jabs and punches. It is very interesting and i really enjoy it.
- Foo Li Hui, Sec 2E1
The coaches ensure us that we understand how to do the movements, they are nice and patient. They make sure that we do our warm up and cool down properly. The coaches may want to ask if we have any difficulties while doing the wushu.
- Chua Snan Jing, Sec 2E1
I feel that the coaches are really good and patient to us. The movements that they show us are very clear and easy to understand and follow. This course made me realise the fun of martial arts. If I have the chance, I would like to continue learning.
- Fong Junn Yiow, Sec 2E1
I feel that this program is an enriching experience as it teaches us that martial arts is not all about flashy kicks and punches but can help us stay fit although we may not actually fight anyone at all.
- Ebel Tang, Sec 2E1
The moves are very fun and cool. I have learnt much about martial arts. I enjoyed the program very much and I think all my money is worth it.
- Chen Kwok Fong, Sec 2E1
I have learnt the basics of wushu, kickboxing and tai chi. I think that this course is very useful as it teaches us wushu, kickboxing & tai chi moves. The instructors are very helpful as they help us when we are having difficulties.
- Chan Han Yang, Sec 2E1
I found the experience quite amusing and enriching. I might apply it in the future when the need comes. I do not think it will have to be used on anyone but it is always good to have the skills.
- Mohd Shanruh Noor, Sec 2E1
The class is quite fun and not so tiring. Sometimes it's difficult to keep up with the movements of taichi. However, I'm glad to learn these because it helps with self-defence.
- Astrid Jansen, Sec 2E1
I feel that wushu, kickboxing & tai chi are quite interesting, it made me feel more interest in them, like how they are found and the other moves in wushu, kickboxing & tai chi.
- Chua Fong Jun, Sec 2E1
It is a good programme as it teaches us to self-defence. It is a good form of exercise which can help to relieve stress and relax our muscles. It aroused my interest in martial arts too and I am glad I came for this programme.
- Freddie Swee, Sec 2E1
I learn wushu, kickboxing and tai chi. The coach were clear in their instructions. I like kickboxing the best. Mainly the uppercut. I would like to take kickboxing in the future.
- M. Siddharth, Sec 2E1
It is very exciting, some movements are hard to follow but the coaches keep repeating them. Although tai chi is quite slow but it is fun. I will sign up for this type of activity if there is other chances.
- Eugene Koh, Sec 2E1
I think the course is very helpful. The coaches are clear in their teaching instructions and movements. Overall, this is a nice and very relaxing course which teaches us self-defence.
- Chia Hong Yong, Sec 2E1
The program is fun. The whole class enjoyed together, some movements were funny to us, thus it make the program more fun and interesting. I've learnt the basic wushu movements (etc. kickboxing, wushu tai chi) and what's their differences. Hopefully all this can be used for self defence in future.
- Crystal Lee, Sec 2E1
Very fun & cool. Enable me to see what taiji is really about. The coaches were very patient and we practiced very well.
- Agnes Zhang, Sec 2E1
The program was enriching and was quite fun. I might want to learn wushu again. The coaches were very nice and showed us the moves and practiced with us very well. It was very cool! :)
- Hannah, Sec 2E1
I love to "Ha!" And to act like Wolverine when doing the side punch. It is very fun especially when I can shout when we are doing the moves. Coach Yip is a good and funny coach. The rest are quite good too.
- Dominic Lam, Sec 2E1
The wushu experience was funfilled as I learnt lots of hasic wushu tactics. Not just the wushu tactics, but also the taiji and kickboxing moves over the past 4 weeks.
- Charis Boh Min Xin, Sec 2E1
The wushu, kickboxing and taichi has been very enriching. It helps us relax a bit from the busy school schedule. I learnt a lot of new things. Instructors have been very encouraging & fun.
- Jessica Prasanna, Sec 2E1
I think that from this programme can learn about martial arts and self defence. It is quite and I think that the school should continue this programme.
- Vivien Chua, Sec 2E1
It was a fun learning experience. The coaches are very friendly and effective in delivering the instructions. The basic wushu movements were easy to follow but I would rather learn kickboxing.
- Su Myet Chai Aye, Sec 2E1
It was okay. The program was quite fun and interesting. The movements was easy to learn and not very complicated.
- Chor Jia Yee, Sec 2E1
Generally, I learnt wushu ever since I was primary 4 till primary 5, I was a red belt. So I thought we were going to use the sword, the stuff or the spear. What surprised me was that this was a combination. Still I must say that this really is an amusing and enriching course.
- Chua Chun Hao, Sec 2E1
I have learnt basic wushu, tai chi and kickboxing moves. I have also learnt how to combine all 3 together. I have also become stronger and healthier.
- Daniel Lau Cheng Lui, Sec 2E1
I learned how taiji is good despite the slow movements. I learned basic wushu moves. I learnt the difference fighting styles and their uses. The coach is good in teaching and gives lots of examples.
- Chin Zhi Ren, Sec 2E1

I feel that this course is very good as it teaches me the basic movements of Wushu, Kickboxing and Tai Chi. The coach is also very friendly and gives clear instructions to us
- Lee Xin Er, Sec 2E2
I have benefited a lot through this programme. It has allowed me to learn the different basic movements of Tai Chi, Wushu and Kickboxing. This is definitely an enjoyable learning experience for me.
- Goh Yi Wei, Sec 2E2
This experience was truly unique, one of a kind. I learnt a lot and had a lot of assistance from the coaches
- Priyanka Shinde, Sec 2E2
It is very cool with all sorts of interesting moves and it is very tiring
- Koh XinYi, Sec 2E2
It was very interesting. I always end up sweating which was very uncomfortable but I don't mind
- Goh Ying Tong, Sec 2E2
I think that this programme is interesting and fun! I learnt a lot from the class, experience, moves and knowledge. I also know that Wushu is for self protection and not for attacking, killing or harming others. Kickboxing interest me the most, with its speed and interesting and intriguing moves
- Lim Hui, Sec 2E2
The lessons are interesting and fun though serious. The coaches are also friendly and delivers clear instructions throughout the lessons. I feel this is a very worthwhile thing to do.
- Mok Shou Zhuan, Sec 2E2
I feel that the coaches are very kind. They convey the message rather clearly. Although we met some ups and downs, we still had fun in the course. I think this activity is really enriching.
- Lin Siya, Sec 2E2
I think that Coach Yip and Coach Diana are very motivating. They interest us and taught us well. I now know the basics for Kickboxing and Wushu. I hope that they will continue teaching us the advanced skills. I also hope that I will get to learn other martial arts in the future.
- Firas, Sec 2E2
The programme has at least give me some knowledge about Wushu and give me an interest in it. It might protect me as well. Coach Yip has a rather good temper management to tolerate some people's talking
- Lam Guan Wah, Sec 2E2
The programme was rather interesting as I have never learnt Wushu before. It was also a creative fusion of Kickboxing, Tai Chi and Wushu. The coaches were also good and helpful
- Helio Lam, Sec 2E2
I was happy and proud that I learn something in this class. For now, I know the basic of Wushu, Kickboxing and Tai Chi
- Jo Han, Sec 2E2
I have learnt that determination and patient is the key to success. We cannot be in a hurry to learn something, otherwise everything will fail. I have also learnt to slowly learn new things step by step, so it is more or less an enriching course for me and I would like to attend it again.
- Henry Erawan, Sec 2E2
It is rather okay experience, the coaches are funny, but strict sometimes, they are caring too. They have good skills of the Wushu, Kickboxing and Tai Chi. Their movements are graceful and the coach is loud and clear. At least I've learnt may basic movements.
- Samuel Tan, Sec 2E2
The workout is very interesting as it consist of not only one but three kinds of activities. Hence, we learn three kinds of activities in one course, which is very convenient. Other people will have to take three courses to learn three kinds of martial arts. The coaches are very nice as well. They teach until we understand everything.
- Goh Puay Siang, Sec 2E2
Fun, interesting and it is very cool as I have not learnt about this before. The coaches are very nice
- Leng Shing Ming, Sec 2E2
I think the coaches have been very nice and clear with their instructions.
- Dhanuja Premnath, Sec 2E2
In this enrichment, I have learnt the different types of art of fighting, Wushu, Tai Chi and Kickboxing. Although it was quite tiring, I gain and experience. Maybe I can use this skill to protect myself next time.
- Lim Fang Qi, Sec 2E2
The coach teaching are very good. I think that if there were more lessons I would have been more interested in Wushu. Overall, I think that the whole workout was great.
- Saravanan, Sec 2E2
It was interesting and enriching. The coaches were very encouraging and boosted all of our confidences. I have learnt the basic movements of Kickboxing, Wushu and Tai Chi. The coaches were very clear in delivering their instructions.
- Fong Chui Choo, Sec 2E2
I had fun learning these few exercises. It allows us to be more aware of the importance of defense. The coaches are funny, kind and helpful. This just fits to be a programme for destressing.
- Foo Chui Fern, Sec 2E2

I think that this has been quite a good experience as I had fun learning it and I think that the lessons are just nice in the duration
- Terence Tang, Sec 2E3
Make me learn taichi for the first time. Never learn it before, interesting and make me realised that it is not easy.
- Marvina Tan, Sec 2E3
The course is very interesting although I have already learn it in Primary school. It also make me understand the difficulty of learning Wushu. It is not as easy as it seems.
- Wong Zi Han, Sec 2E3
I think that this has been quite a good experience as I had fun learning it and I think that the lessons are just nice in the duration
- Terence Tang, Sec 2E3
When I just started learning, I thought that it would not be fun. However, it did not turn to be what I expected. I learnt a lot of things and our class is more bonding than before. Thanks for that!
- Peh Yong Shin, Sec 2E3
I've learnt many basic wushu movements. Coaches has been rather awesome cause THEY CAN STAND THE NOISE. Haha. Very loud and clear in providing instructions although he had very little space to move around, coaches are often very concerned about our safety too! They teach us to lift up our spirits too. Overall, I would rate it a 5-star.
- Sheryl Seah, Sec 2E3
I think it was quite interesting. At least now I know the basics of Kickboxing, Wushu and Taichi. The coaches were great :)
- Lim Pei Si, Sec 2E3
I think that this has been quite a good experience as I had fun learning it and I think that the lessons are just nice in the duration
- Terence Tang, Sec 2E3
I felt that this course is very fun and I learnt a lot. The coaches taught us self-defence and this is very helpful for me. I hopes that I would had more of this kind of courses as they are very fun.
- Jing Cong, Sec 2E3
"This course is very enjoyable, I didn't realise Wushu is this interesting!" It will be great if there are more lessons, I think four lessons are too short. This program has also aroused my interest in Wushu, Kickboxing and Taichi.
- Shi Shi, Sec 2E3
It is Fun and exciting as this is my first time learning it and the coaches were great. It changed my opinion of Taichi as we had always thought it was easy and for old people.
- Pek Gui Ting, Sec 2E3
I have learned many things during this "Wushu, Kickboxing and Taichi" programme. It has given me a chance to exercise and keep fit. Although I may not make use of these skills in future, it is still an interesting and nice programme.
- Lim Jun Kang, Sec 2E3
This has been a good experience for me. I am more exposed to this martial arts even though these martial arts are more exposed to the chinese community. This has place a little interest in me. I think that the instructors had done their jobs well. I really appreciate their efforts and apologies for any inconvenience :)
- Nur Ashita, Sec 2E3
I learned a lot. Things that I have never tried out before. I enjoyed this although I couldn't follow-up with the coaches' move and speed. This programme is generally is a good programme, I would recommend it to many people. If there is a choice, I would like to learn again.
- Tay Guang Yuan, Sec 2E3
I have learnt the basic Wushu, Kickboxing and Taichi moves I find this course very enriching and I have lots of fun during the course. I will encourage my friends to join this course if possible.
- Darren Tan, Sec 2E3
The program (Wushu) is very fun and made me interested in learning Wushu. Thank you Coaches! :)
- Syaza Amirah, Sec 2E3
The coaches were friendly and nice. The movements are not bad but sometimes they do too fast that we can't catch up. Through this training, it makes my mind feel more relax and calm especially the Tai Chi.
- Syafiqa, Sec 2E3
I would like to congratulate the coaches for delivering the proper instructions. I learnt many more new things in the course and reflected positively.
- Renald Ng, Sec 2E3
It was a first time for me but I learnt most of the things and remembered all of it or at least part of it. The coaches explain to us very well and I enjoyed the lessons a lot.
- Lim Qian Ya, Sec 2E3

The coaches are friendly and are able to teach well. They help us in some places or moves we do not know.
- Yap Jun Yi, Sec 2E4
This learning journey has been very enriching and very fruitful. I've been into self-defense this year and I would like to stay to it.
- Ahmad, Sec 2E4
It was quite fun and very interesting. The moves or techniques are fun to do and looks fierce. Thus can probably be used as self defense in everyday life
- Mumd Noor, Sec 2E4
They were alright. They were a little strict but the exercise were fun. It was a new experience. The movement are fun to do and can be used as self defense.
- Haziq, Sec 2E4
It is new experience that teach a lot of things.
- Hakim, Sec 2E4
I think that this course is not a total bad thing. As I learnt about the basic Wushu movement so it could be a help if I am taking up any courses related to Wushu. The overall experience was enjoyable.
- Yuxin, Sec 2E4
The course is enriching and enjoyable. The Wushu movements we have learnt are a good source for exercise. The coach has demonstrated the movements clearly which are easy for us to pick up.
- Tan Jing Wen, Sec 2E4
The course was fine, the coaches were cohensive with their speech and they were very kind. The movements were quite fast, and there were some parts I couldn't catch up. Because of their great tutoring, I understood the movements better.
- Wong Min Rui, Sec 2E4
I enjoyed it though I thought it was boring in the first place. I feel that it is a waste of time as I can do other stuffs during this 1 hour. I appreciate the coaches for their teaching and tolerating with us.
- Tan Xing Er, Sec 2E4
I enjoyed this course a lot, the coach is very tentative and effective. This course is enriching too. I learn some Wushu basic skill that will help me in my self defense.
- Jonas Wong, Sec 2E4
The coach is very tentative. The course is quite enriching I learnt the basic Wushu movement.
- Tan Zhang Feng, Sec 2E4
I learnt how to learn Kickboxing through this program and it was fun but difficult to follow because it is my first time learning Kickboxing. The coaches were very caring, kind and understanding throughout the whole program. I recommend this program to other schools.
- Hakim Ramlan, Sec 2E4

The coaches gave a clear explanation on the movements he taught us. I have learnt the basis of Wushu and Tai Chi. I prefer the kickboxing as it is comfortable for me. It is also fun and exciting experience for me and I would like to learn more in future.
- Goh ZhenFang, Sec 2N2
I have learnt how to control my strength and control what is too much. I mean my action for it is too noisy. And I wish to continue either kickboxing or Tai Chi. I don't really pay attention sometimes but I knew the coach wants to teach us how to manage our strength and control ourselves.
- Nancy Le Ngoe Nlgan, Sec 2N2
The course teach me to have more patience and the fighting style is cool although it take time to learn and is difficult in some movement, I had fun.
- Neo Eng Kang, Sec 2N2
The movements are hard but they are interesting and useful. The coach also explains the movement clearly so we can learn faster. I can also apply these skills whenever needed.
- Yap Hong Soon, Sec 2N2
It's quite fun and we can learnt to protect myself from bad people and we can relive stress while doing that. Ha! Hahahas. Then it is fun because the movements are cool and we looks like from the television stars, learning wushu.
- Jellyn, Sec 2N2
I've learnt that learning wushu helps us defend ourselves and Tai Chi helps us calm ourselves down. The coach may be fierce but he knows how to teach in a fun and interesting way! This few lessons helps me know the basic moves of kickboxing, wushu and Tai Chi! Hope to have more! =).
- Wong Swee Mann Jovelle, Sec 2N2
I'd learn all the movements and I also discover that wushu actually help us to control ourselves and the movements help us to protect and keep ourselves healthy. As for the coach, his delivery of the movements was astonishing and I also manage to get some too. I like this Enrichment and I hope to have it again.
- Sureerat Lim Shu Li, Sec 2N2
My learning experience about this programme is that it is very interesting because it is my first time doing this styles. I have only done silat in all my life.
- Muhd Sarduddin, Sec 2N2
I learn how to defense myself after following this program.
- Fatin Nur Amalyna, Sec 2N2
My experience for this course is quite fun because I and my classmates have a fun time but I don't really keen with the Wushu steps yet, I have learnt something new. Thank you coaches. Sorry for the 2nd training I wasn't in a mood and I am a little rowdy.
- Syazwany, Sec 2N2
Throughout the four lessons, I've learnt a lot of things, but three of this workout helped me make out a way to defend myself when I met someone who is bad. Coach Yip had used funny actions that enhances us into Wushu, Kickboxing and Tai Chi. I hope that we can learn again.
- Kua Zhong Ling, Sec 2N2
I felt happy. I learn how to defend myself when anything happen. How to have discipline. I felt that the coach have a lot of patience. He tried his best to make us feel enjoy. The coach teach us until we know all the way to play.
- Micolina, Sec 2N2
I have learn that Wushu, Kickboxing, Tai Chi is not only suitable for boys or old people. We could learn that too. Now I understand that Tai Chi may be fun too, it may be slow but fun. I love this programme though. I will remember the memorable experience that I have. Thank you for teaching me so many thing. Truthly appreciate it. Thanks teacher.
- Lee Sze Min, Sec 2N2
The coach was understandable and he also was effective in delivering his instructions. The course was a new experience for me. I enjoyed the course. At least now I know the basic skills of Wushu, Kickboxing and Tai Chi.
- Ashvin, Sec 2N2
I think all this is useful to our health and the coach is good. I will ask my friends to join and keep our body good and fit. I think our class is not good at helping each other or remind each other to keep quiet. So I like this workout =).
- Felicia Lim, Sec 2N2
I have learn how to kick and punch in a right way. I have learn how to do Wushu, Kickboxing and Tai Chi.
- Oh Yao Wen, Sec 2N2
This combo workout is really a great way for me to relax. I look forward to this workout every week. Although I prefer kickboxing to Tai Chi, learning a new sport/exercise is really fun! I hope that the combo workout returns after our exam EVERYDAY!
- Nonie Lim, Sec 2N2
I learnt a lot of things. I especially love kickboxing because it is fun and effective and it matches my aggressive personality. The coach is very good and he do along with us whenever we're in doubt. So this programme is interesting and fun to learn. I could use my learning experience for my defense.
- Nasrianur Rosly, Sec 2N2
I felt that the coaches are very patient towards us. Whenever we were naughty and not listening, he would always be patience towards us. The coach is also very friendly. I experience the feeling of learning Wushu, Kickboxing and Tai Chi it will help me when I'm in danger. Anyway, I enjoyed very much.
- Wang Ying Quan, Sec 2N2
I enjoyed the lesson a lot. It was a fun time for me. Although some of the movements could not be caught by me, I got to at least learn a few Wushu steps. The coaches were nice and funny at times which made me enjoy the lesson.
- Katie Wong, Sec 2N2
My learning experience was great! I learnt cool Wushu moves and I feel that Kickboxing could be the main interest for me in this program as it is interesting and useful..
- Euniu, Sec 2N2
The course was very fun and I got to learn new things. The coaches are ok and very professional.
- Charlene Yam, Sec 2N2
I have learnt simple Wushu movements and it was very interesting. The coach teaching is very clear. I have learnt a lot, like discipline.
- Cheong Li En, Sec 2N2
The coaches are good especially Coach Yip he teaches us all the movement clearly and precisely. He has the patient and understanding idea. He manage to give discipline to our class. The female coach also taught us the movement slowly. :) jiayou!.
- Racheal Wong, Sec 2N2
I find that the Wushu and Kickboxing is fun and interesting. But I do not really enjoy Tai Chi cause very hard, but I love the movements. The coach is excellent, great and MACHO. He is very alert and serious in every moves he do. What I do not like is the camera. Very disruptive but I love this programme alot.
- Chioh Pei Xuan, Sec 2N2
It helps me build more strength and discipline. I had mastered some skills which will help me whenever I get bullied. The coach is quite nice when he teaches us. He have patient when teaching.
- Taswim, Sec 2N2
I have learnt to control my movement and temper. It helps me to keep myself fit. I have learn to take things slowly and steady. I will practice also.
- Yew Teck, Sec 2N2
Learn how to have discipline. I find our more about myself. Increasing my concentration. Allow me to have more confidence. I love this Experience and hope to have this training again but maybe another form of martial arts.
- Gladwin, Sec 2N2